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Dog and Cat Sitting

Leaving town for a while and want your mind at ease knowing that your precious loved one is safe in the pet’s own home, being looked after, exercised, and loved? Animals get to sit, stay and relax as the sitter comes to your home instead of staying at unfamiliar boarding kennels or dog hotels. Our goal is to make the transition easy for you and eliminate stress for pets by sustaining a regular daily routine in the comfort of their own home. Leave the worry behind and contact our services.

What is included:

Overnight stay in your home; fresh food/water, morning and evening walk,
SMS, feedback on your pup, photo/video to your phone and e-mail, TLC-plenty of love and
attention. You can choose either non-stop 24 h care or hourly care or only overnight care.


Special Services Offers

Dog Walking

When you are busy, exhausted from your work here we are for you at your door. Quick and easy way to get your dog active and happy. Bibi’s Pet BnB Services will do it for you and your pet. Choose from 30, 40, and 60 min walking according to your dog’s needs.

Dog Boarding

While you are away, you can have peace of mind knowing that no one makes your dog feel more welcome, safe, and comfortable with us. Your animal will be walked and given the attention they require and deserve. Dogs stay at sitters/with us at home, 100% cage-free and comfortable. Both single and small groups available.
What is included: Overnight stay in our home; fresh food/water, morning and evening walk,
SMS, feedback on your pup; picture/ video updates to your phone and e-mail, TLC-plenty of love
and attention. You can choose from non-stop 24 h care or hourly care or only overnight care.

Running with the dog

We are a dog or a pet runner! This specialized service is similar to our dog walking service, except – of course – that we go faster right?… Most dogs are able (and very willing) to move along at a quick pace and so they love going out with us. How fast we go is up to you and your dog. Whether fast or slow, it’s great dog exercise. Having us as your dog runner could be perfect for you if you’ve got a dog that has a lot of energy, always wants to play, or if no one is home during the day. It could also be a great option if your dog shows some negative behavior traits, or developing canine obesity, heart, hip, and joint problems; because exercise can often decrease (or eliminate)

Passionate, Professional, Pet Sitters

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Pet sitting other small animals

(birds, reptiles, fish, small rodents, and rabbits)

We don’t just care for cats and dogs and horses! We have professional experience with many pets
including, but not limited to: rabbits, birds, lizards, hamsters, fish (tanks and outdoor ponds). We
know how critical their environments are to keep them safe and healthy. From cleaning, checking
the temperature, to monitoring food consumption.
Simply decide how many visits your pets need each day. We will provide you with a customized
quote depending on the time needed to check all variables. We’re available to come as many times
as you need us. Your pet’s well-being is always our highest priority.

Our pet sitting services include:

Feeding/Check Water | Clean all food bowls
Monitor food intake | Light/Tank Temp Checks
Check Water Level & Pumps | Visit Journal with Photos
Clean hutches & terrariums | Mail & Package Retrieval
Curb Trash Receptacle | Waste Disposal
Alternate Lights & Blinds | Medication if Applicable

Other Services

Horse Care

Essential care for your horse and pony.
We can help to take care of your horse or pony while you are away by our owner of Bibi’s Pet BnB

who is BHS British Horse Society qualified for grooming and riding/jumping and lunging.

The following services include:
Morning and evening stables | Turning out & bringing in
Poop picking | Grooming | Holiday cover | Provide food and water for horses
Replace bedding | Clean equipment, such as saddles and bridles
Clean, brush and sometimes clip horses’ coats | Muck out stables
Watch out for changes in the condition of horses and report problems to the vet
Treat minor wounds, change dressings and give certain medications
Follow instructions from vets when treatment is needed

!!! Even though we are insured and professionally qualified to provide these services we CANNOT exercise your horses !!!


Ivana is an active member of multiple professional organizations

and is strongly committed to providing for the well-being of animals



PSI with Membership

CPPS for Certified Professional Pet Sitting Exam

BHS British Horse Society Level 2 and 3 for stable Management

BHS International Member for many years