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“Being around animals has always been an important part of my life, and I am passionate about providing quality care for my clients’ horses and pets.” – IVANA, Founder of Bibi’s Pet BnB

We are passionnate about
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Leaving your pet with someone else requires a lot of trust, so let me introduce myself properly.

My name is Ivana Blechova and being around animals has always been an important part of my life. I have had numerous dogs and horses and I am currently blessed with four wonderful dogs.

During the past 20 years, I have dedicated my free time to work with multiple non-profit animal welfare organizations on 3 continents. I have rescued more than 200 dogs and hundreds of cats directly from the streets and taken them through the process from going to the vet clinics, getting proper vaccinations and registrations, nursing them, and eventually finding them a wonderful ‘forever family’ to adopt them.

As a result of this work, I created Bibi’s Pet BnB Pet Sitter platform, to help pet owners everywhere find caring caretakers for their pets when having to leave them for a period of time – ensuring that your pet is well taken care of and happy and that you can have true peace of mind while away.

Living in China from 2002 to 2019 I experienced that many families had challenges when leaving China to move to another country, as pet relocation can not only be very costly but is also highly stressful for the animal. To help out I created a network of volunteers and
together helped many families bring their pets to their new home abroad.

Although animals have always been my passion, I didn’t always work in this field. I have a Master’s Degree in Econometrics from Bratislava and a Certificate in Investment Banking from New York University and worked more than 18 years in various economic and investment banking roles in Europe, the USA, and China, where I also obtained a Master in Chinese Language from Tsinghua University. Currently, I spend some of my time doing a PhD in International Relations (in Chinese) at Fudan University Shanghai. I also earned Tourist Guide Certificate at the University of Economics as I speak multiple languages and have a passion for travelling.

Today I also run a language school where I teach Chinese language and culture and English and prepare students for their studies at international universities abroad.

But: My true passion is animals, besides my corporate activities and eventually, I will continue to do both to help animals finding great homes and also pet owners who need any kind of help. To do this properly I have obtained a CPPS Certified Professional Pet Sitter
and Pet First Aid & CPCR from Pet Sitting International (PSI) and have been British
Horse Society for a decade and gained BHS qualification for Stable management and Riding/Jumping.

Needless to say, I am passionate about providing quality care for my clients’ pets and horses. With me, your pet will never just be another dog or cat but will be tended to with love and according to its individual requirements.


Through our services, clients are able to feel at ease leaving their pets at home

Meet Bibi’s Pet BnB Founder IVANA

Passionate about animals

Ivana Blechova | Founder of Bibi's Pet BnB
Ivana Blechova | Founder of Bibi's Pet BnB
Passionate, Professional, Pet Sitter & Horse Care 🌹🙌🥰



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High-Quality Pet Boarding & Pet Relocation

If you are looking for a pet moving service to help de-stress your upcoming move then look no further than to Bibi’s Pet BnB. Our relocation services are amongst the most comprehensive & competitive in the industry. We are experienced in relocating pets even from China to the rest of the world with major airlines in the world whose single focus is to safely and compassionately relocate family pets and other animals globally. Once we learn about your pet and your travel plans, we’ll advise you of the destination’s requirements and provide a free comprehensive written estimate.

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Our testimonials 🌹🙌🥰

I met Ivana in Shanghai and we know each other over 10 years. When we met first time we both had our own horses at the same stable. Besides riding I know her as an animal lover, she rescued many dogs and cats. She loves animals with lots of compassion. She is such a wonderful person I ever met.

Wai Chee Vera Za
Hong Kong 🇭🇰

Vera is a multiple animal owner including horses, dogs and cats. She is supporting lots of animal charities ❤️ and owns horses in China and Australia.

I have known Ivana for a decade and can attest to her love for animals, and her dedication towards their welfare and well-being. She is experienced with animal care, and has completed new professional certifications as she has established her new service. I would trust her completely with any of my own animals.

Prof. Dr. Alistair Edgar
Canada 🇨🇦

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU), Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.Former Executive Director Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) Canada

During the past 7 years I’ve gotten to know Ivana as an extraordinary guardian of abandoned dogs and other animals in China. In fact I doubt there is a single person in China with a bigger heart for animals, who has done more to secure truly caring homes for hundreds of dogs in China. What has struck me the most is her complete selflessness: Whenever I or someone else I knew has needed help she has provided it in abundance, with no agenda except to help the pet in question. Big words, but completely justified: I really cannot think of a single person I would rather have helping me with any pet issue in China than her.

Alex Schultz, Denmark 🇩🇰 & China

CEO and former Danish diplomat

I am writing this as a reference for and a tribute to Ivana Blechova. While this narrative has to do with Ivana and her special ability to relate with and care for animals, it is important to recognize that she is not only an animal lover, but a highly educated and creative woman of intelligence and passion. This combination of attributes is what makes her so very special. My family and I first met Ivana in Shanghai when we were both living there a expats. We both had a love for animals, but Ivana was in a whole different league. I have never met anyone as thoughtful and dedicated to the plight of animals and their welfare as Ivana. Her knowledge of animal needs, her intuitive ability to relate and care for dogs, cats, horses and beyond are exemplary. She has so much to teach the rest of us about our fellow living beings. Somehow animals seem to sense that Ivana will help them and are instantly drawn to her. And for good reason. They seem to know that she will take care of them and prevent any harm from coming their way.Our specific case involved the fostering of two little pups that Ivana inadvertently found on the roadside one day. She took them in (as she had done before for dozens of cats and dogs) even though her own economic situation at the time was precarious. Through her own personal network of friends and colleagues, Ivana found the pups temporary homes (in our apartment) until she could find them good, stable permanent homes. And that she did this with remarkable speed and diligence. Ivana would not let these little creatures be homed by just anyone. Performing high quality due diligence, she always ensured that the animals under her care went to caring and compassionate families who understood the responsibilities and joys of long term permanent adoption. The two pups we fostered went to two homes; Max to a lovely American family living in Shanghai and Kiki to an Australian expat who eventually brought Kiki back home to Sydney with him. We were all overjoyed knowing that these pups went from a life of misery on the streets of Shanghai to loving, caring families (who, by the way, and again to her credit, are still in touch with Ivana sending her regular updates and photos of the grateful and happy pups). I would not hesitate for a second to have Ivana care for my pets on either a short or long term basis. She is the best.

Alexandra Kostiw 🇨🇦 Canada

Successfull lawyer in Canada

My friendship with Ivana goes back to 2012, petite, always smiling and very energetic Slavic lady with an enormous heart for every living creature. She has been devoting her life to the
animals. Besides being an animal rescuer, she is a professional Equestrian caregiver and dog lover.
I consider her an “Animal whisperer” more than an animal caregiver. Her positive energy and tranquil nature what exactly suits to the way of an animal response.
Her high motivation is coming from her consideration of animal care as a life style than a job.
In addition, her organization skills, punctual habits and disciplinary nature helps to provide
good care of your pets including the ones with special needs.
I always consider my pet is part of my family, therefore it is extremely hard for me to leave
him with a stranger. However, I wouldn’t worry one moment leaving my pet with Ivana! Once
your pet engaged with Ivana’s care, she would be part of your pet’s life forever.
I highly recommend Bibi’s Petbnb

Deniz Berberoglu, Michigan, USA 🇺🇸

Deniz Berberoglu is a biologist and loves animals ❤️

I have now known Ivana personally for in the region of 8 years. We first met when I saw an advertisement for a rescued Springer Spaniel needing a new loving home. That dog is now with me, along with a second rescued Springer Spaniel. Ivana was extremely polite, professional and very thorough in her approach to finding them a responsible new owner/home.
From that day we became great friends and I witnessed her tirelessly (and often penniless) rescue dog after dog after dog. She constantly took care, cleaning and nursing them back to health prior to finding new homes for them.
Not only did she do this domestically, but also went all the way in arranging many to be sent abroad. She helped me in my relocation from China to Thailand, assisting me get through all the red tape, to get them safely and effortlessly here with me.
I couldn’t recommend a better person for a role such as this. Ivana is a wonderful, kindhearted and animal loving hero in my view.
Thank you
Paul Jeffery

Paul Jeffery, UK 🇬🇧

Former University of Economy Lecturer, now business owner in hospitality

My dear friend Ivana is an amazing animals lover, not only she rescues animals in need but also takes care of them with love. I can assure that she is the perfect person to take care your animals if you need a pet service.

Christie Holzer, Munich in Germany 🇩🇪

Marketing specialist from Germany

I met Ivana many years ago in Shanghai, of course with her dogs. She has a deep understanding and relentless love and patience for animals, in particular for dogs and horses. I always admired her for her many animal rescue activities, many of them taking place in the middle of the night. Ivana goes the extra mile for animals in need. I would trust her anytime to take care of my dog.

Fabian G.🇨🇭Switzerland

Swiss National. Business Journalist & Writer

I have ever known anyone as passionate about animals and animal welfare as Ivana. She goes out of her way to help any animal in need. She has raised money and essentially crowd funded animal welfare in Shanghai, where we first met. Ivana has a way with animals and if I had to trust anyone with my pets I wouldn’t have a moment of hesitation about trusting Ivana.

Alex M. USA 🇺🇸

International Lawyer, USA Citizen


Ivana is an active member of multiple professional organizations

and is strongly committed to providing for the well-being of animals



PSI, Certified PET Sitters International with Membership

CPPS for Certified Professional Pet Sitting Exam

BHS, British Horse Society – Level 2 and 3 for stable Management

BHS, British Horse Society –  International Member for many years