First-Class Pet Wedding Services

Your wedding day is one of the most special moments of your life. And it just makes sense that you
want your four-legged best friend to be a part of it! More and more couples are including dogs in
their wedding celebrations and we can’t get enough! Contact us for various packages.

Some and much more includes :

  • Complimentary meet & greet in your home with your Pet Wedding Assistant
  • Arrangement in wellness spa/ozone therapy for your pooch before “big day”
  • Dressing your pets according to your requirements
  • We can supply bow-ties, flower crowns, message plaques, and various other cute items
  • Transport pets to and from your wedding, wedding rehearsal, and photoshoot locations
  • Supervise and care for your pet throughout the event
  • Feeding, walking, watering, toilet, mash, petting, and all other necessities
  • Care after the ceremony according to your requirements
  • Professional dog photographer

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